Going on vacation? Let us take care of your dog's food!

At COAST+RANGE we ♥️going on vacation! Whether it's up to Tahoe for the weekend or down to California's central coast for some wine and beach time, we love packing up the car and getting out of town with Dharma dog. One thing we DON'T love is packing up (or forgetting) Dharma's food, so we created the COAST+RANGE vacation concierge. Here's how it works:

  1. E-mail the COAST+RANGE Vacation Concierge at least 10 days before your trip and tell us where you are going and for how many days/nights.
  2. We calculate the exact amount of food your dog will need and have it sent to any destination or doggy hotel in the US with FREE shipping.
  3. We adjust your delivery schedule to take into account the food consumed while you and your pup were away.
  4. You get your vacation started knowing your dog's food will be waiting for your when you get to your destination.

We hope you enjoy as many vacations as possible each year and enjoy this benefit of being a COAST+RANGE subscriber!

For the CARE+LOVE of dogs,
The Knoepfle Family