At COAST+RANGE we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by using eco-friendly practices in the baking, sourcing, packaging, and distribution of our foods. 

We bake our foods in a company-owned and operated bakery in Henderson, Nevada. Our ovens run on clean-burning natural gas and our bakery is powered by 98% non-coal energy including eco-friendly solar power (the sun is hot here in Nevada), hydroelectric power (we are just 20 miles to the Hoover Dam), and geo-thermal power. We recycle glass, paper, and plastic in our office and recycle or reuse everything we can in our warehouse including pallets and cardboard. Our goal is to minimize the amount of energy we use and waste we produce.

We look to source ingredients that are made using sustainable and eco-friendly practices wherever possible. Some examples of this commitment are the use of Marine Stewardship Council certified salmon from sustainably managed fisheries in our Wild-Caught Salmon Formula. The use of organic brown rice dried with 100% solar energy in all our with-grain Formulas, and the use of geothermal-dried organic kelp in all our Formulas.

Estimates show that the US pet industry generates over 200,000-250,000 TONS of un-recyclable packaging waste every year. According to Layfield Packaging a typical pet food bag will take 400-600 YEARS to decompose in a landfill. That is why we use an eco-friendly BIOFLEX package that you can throw away guilt-free. BIOFLEX packaging biodegrades 90% faster than typical pet food packaging and turns into gas that can be captured and used as a renewable energy source. Our cardboard shipping cartons are 100% recyclable and made from at least 50% post-consumer waste.

In 2021 we will be reducing our carbon footprint by consolidating distribution of our product in a single distribution center and eliminating the need for LTL/FTL shipments. Our preferred carrier is UPS because of their commitment to sustainability. You can learn more about the investment UPS is making to help the environment HERE.


A dog food you can feel good about feeding

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