At COAST+RANGE we are serious about our commitment to minimize our impact on the earth and its precious resources. That is why, effective Earth Day April 22, 2021, we will begin using Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable salmon in our improved Wild-Caught Salmon Formula 3.0!

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) independently verifies that every batch of gently-baked Wild-Caught Salmon Formula food for dogs we bake will contain salmon from a well-managed and sustainable fishery. So not only can you feel good about feeding a food that is made from simple ingredients with no synthetic nutrients, but you can also feel good that you are feeding a food that contains sustainably sourced salmon and organic brown rice and pearled barley as the grains.

Like our other gently-baked formulas with grains the Salmon Formula is made with quality animal protein and no added:

  • Chicken or potatoes

  • Peas or Lentils

  • Other pulses or legumes

Interested in seeing if our gently-baked foods are right for your dog? Try a $3 sample that ships anywhere in the USA for free!