Puppies have unique requirements for many nutrients, so it is important to feed them a food that is appropriate for “Growth and Reproduction” of dogs based on the nutritional guidelines established by the American Association of Feed Control Officers (known as AAFCO). Look on the back of the package to ensure that the puppy food guarantees that it meets AAFCO guidelines. We do not recommend puppy foods whose nutritional adequacy is determined by feeding trials due to the small sample size (as few as 8 dogs) and short length of test (as short as 26 weeks).

COAST+RANGE Unlike other pet food companies that use less rigorous feeding trials, we test every batch of our gently-baked foods to ensure we meet these important requirements.


Puppy food should have protein levels of 30-35% to help develop strong muscles. Calcium should be no less than 1.2% and, ideally, between 1.5% and 1.8%. Calcium helps develop the puppy's skeletal system and should not exceed 1.8% for dogs that will be at least 70lbs as adults, or greater than 2.4% for all other dogs, as that could cause developmental problems later in life. Phosphorus helps with nutrient absorption and should be no less than 1%. DHA/EPA helps with the cognitive development of the puppy and should be between 0.35% and 0.5%. 

COAST+RANGE Our formulas for puppies are specifically designed with the proper balance of protein, calcium, and phosphorus to help ensure optimal growth of your puppy. Unlike other pet food companies, we test every batch of our gently-baked foods to ensure we meet these important requirements.


Feed your puppy three meals a day. The amount of food to feed is a function of the dog’s age, activity level, body condition, and weight, and these may change over time. It is important not to underfeed or overfeed a puppy as that can lead to developmental problems later in life. Pet food companies are required to provide feeding instructions on the package that consider age and weight but don’t factor in activity level and body condition.

COAST+RANGE Our customers receive a personalized feeding plan for their puppy that changes over time – so you get the peace of mind that you are always feeding the right amount of food.

Ensure your puppy has unrestricted access to clean, filtered water. Filtering removes additives (like chlorine and fluoride) that can negatively affect your puppy’s gut health.


SMALL DOGS - Transition to an adult food at age 10 months.

LARGE DOGS - Transition to an adult food at age 15 months.

COAST+RANGE Our customers are notified when it is time to switch to an adult food – so you can be sure that you are always feeding the right type of food.


Our veterinarian-formulated foods are designed to meet and exceed the unique nutritional needs of puppies. Every batch of gently-baked COAST+RANGE foods is made in the USA with high levels of quality animal protein and no synthetic vitamins, minerals, or amino acids. We test every batch we bake to ensure we meet or exceed AAFCO requirements for growth and reproduction of puppies (including puppies of large breed dogs - 70 lbs or greater as adult dogs).