BETTER INGREDIENTS - At COAST+RANGE our foods cost more than most kibble brands because we use better ingredients and never any synthetics or fillers (we bake instead of extrude to naturally maintain higher nutrient levels). Our competition uses cheap fillers (like peas, chickpeas, beet pulp, and tomato pomace) and they extrude at high temperatures, which destroys nutrients, so they have to add synthetic vitamins made in a lab (typically in China). 

GENTLY-BAKED - Our gently-baked foods cost less than refrigerated and raw brands because our shipping costs are lower and, because our foods are shelf-stable, we don't have perishability issues or the need to ship with dry ice.

FLEXIBLE SUBSCRIPTIONS - At COAST+RANGE we put you in control of your subscription and notify you at least five days before your next order ships. Need to make a change? No problem - you can STOP/START/PAUSE at any time!

INVEST IN YOUR DOG'S HEALTH - Think about what it costs to feed yourself and your family and then think about what you pay to feed your dog. Isn't your dog's health and nutrition worth the investment (less than a cup of fancy coffee per day on average)? 


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