Many pet food companies outsource production of their foods to co-packers, not COAST+RANGE! To ensure the quality, consistency, and safety of our products - starting in February 2021 - everything we produce is baked in our company-owned and operated COAST+RANGE bakery in Henderson, Nevada! Operating our own bakery is expensive, but it allows us to do things other pet food companies can't do, including:

Small batches - we bake our foods in small batches to ensure freshness. Our goal is to get our foods from bakery to bowl in 100 days or less (way faster than pet store food which averages 6 months in age)!

Low temperatures - we bake our foods at low temperatures (but still above 180 degrees to ensure the food is safe) to maximize nutrient retention. Other pet food companies use a high temperature process known as extrusion to make their food. Extrusion kills the nutrition in the ingredients in the food necessitating the use of synthetic supplements made in lab. Not COAST+RANGE! Every product we make is free from synthetic nutrients made in a lab!

Made by bakers - not factory workers - Here at COAST+RANGE we hire trained culinary professionals to make our gently-baked foods. We do this because we care about the quality and safety of every batch of food we make and want our customers and their dogs to have the very best. Our competitors? They hire factory workers and machine engineers to operate the industrial extruders that make THEIR dog food.

Safety - we test EVERY batch of COAST+RANGE food for safety and nutritional adequacy. Other pet food companies test one a year and assume their food is safe - which is why there are so many pet food recalls every year!

Learn more about our gently-baked foods and find the one that best meets your dog's unique needs.

Want to visit the COAST+RANGE bakery next time you are in the Las Vegas area? E-mail us at to schedule your visit!