At COAST+RANGE, we know puppies are a handful!

We take care of the complexity that comes with feeding your puppy the right amount of food for their unique needs with the optimal amount of key nutrients like calcium + phosphorous so you know your puppy is growing at the right pace for them!  

But we won't stop there! 

 We also want to make it easy to welcome your new puppy home with everything they need to thrive, learn, and grow! We put together a printable list of everything your puppy will need to settle into their new home and everything you'll need to teach your new furry family member the house rules!





Our veterinarian-formulated foods are designed to meet and exceed the unique nutritional needs of puppies. Every batch of gently-baked COAST+RANGE foods is made in the USA with high levels of quality animal protein and no synthetic vitamins, minerals, or amino acids. We test every batch we bake to ensure we meet or exceed AAFCO requirements for growth and reproduction of puppies (including puppies of large breed dogs - 70 lbs or greater as adult dogs).