Our foods are designed by the COAST+RANGE Nutrition Experts - a group with over 75 years of veterinary and canine nutrition experience. Let them help you find the right food for your dog's unique needs and try a FREE sample today.


COAST+RANGE: Dogs are carnivorous animals, so our gently baked foods are high (35% or more) in QUALITY animal protein like beef, duck, beef heart, chicken liver, and the yolks of humanely-raised eggs. These quality protein sources NATURALLY deliver the vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids your dog needs to thrive.

THE COMPETITION: Uses low levels of QUALITY animal protein and synthetic amino acids made in a lab like Taurine, L-Lysine, and Methionine to nourish your pet (not natural ingredients like COAST+RANGE).


COAST+RANGE: We use simple ingredients from nature in our foods. Ingredients you will recognize, and instantly know are good for your dog (because they are things YOU eat too) like duck, the yolks from humanely raised eggs, butternut squash, whole blueberries, broccoli, spinach, apple, and organic sweet potato. So your dog gets their nutrition from natural, whole food ingredients, not synthetic vitamins and minerals made in a lab.

THE COMPETITION: Uses synthetic vitamins and minerals made in a lab and cheap fillers like: tapioca starch, alfalfa nutrient concentrate, pea starch, tomato pomace, dried egg product, lentil fiber, choline chloride, tomato pomace, and beet pulp. Ingredients you would NEVER eat yourself - so why should your DOG?


COAST+RANGE: Dogs are carnivores that have evolved to eat diets including carbohydrates. But their digestive systems are not designed to process the high levels of carbohydrates found in premium dog food. At COAST+RANGE, we make foods that are lower in carbohydrates ( 28% or less) and even lower in starchy carbs and sugar (5% or less). 

THE COMPETITION: Most premium dog food is made up of more than 30% carbohydrates. Do you know the brands that spend millions advertising "meat as the #1 ingredient"? Most of their foods are actually over 50% carbohydrate (so much for meat).

CURIOUS about the level of carbs in YOUR dog's food?Use our carbohydrate calculator find the levels in your dog's food.


COAST+RANGE: We provide our customers with total ingredient transparency. Where the ingredients come from and why they are in the food. We also guarantee that we never use ANY ingredients from China.

THE COMPETITION: Our competitionion will tell you the origin of SOME of their ingredients when it looks good for marketing purposes. But ask them the origin of ALL of their ingredients (especially their synthetic vitamins and minerals) and suddenly they are not so interested in sharing. The truth is many of their ingredients (like their preservatives/mixed tocopherols and Vitamin D) are actually from China.


Let us help select the right COAST+RANGE formula for your dog's needs. It takes less than 2 minutes to transform your dog's diet with simple foods from COAST+RANGE!