How can I order COAST+RANGE foods for my dog?

There are two ways you can transform your dog's diet. Order a free sample or become a subscriber by clicking HERE. Either way you get a personalized recommendation from our COAST+RANGE nutrition experts based on the unique needs of your dog. 

What is your pricing?

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Are your foods approved/certified by AAFCO?

What is your satisfaction guarantee/returns policy?

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What are the benefits of feeding COAST+RANGE to my dog?

Are COAST+RANGE foods available in pet stores?

How do you ensure your foods are safe (AAFCO feeding trials or a higher standard)?

Can a baked dog food really provide the best diet for my pet?

I've heard about a number of dog food recalls. How do I know COAST+RANGE is safe?

How long are your products good for (how long do they last)?

Who are your nutrition experts?

How can my dog get the maximum benefit from COAST+RANGE foods?