COAST+RANGE is on a mission to help pets live longer, healthier lives through better nutrition.

Dave Knoepfle with his dog Dharma

My name is Dave Knoepfle and this is Dharma, our lab mix. My family and I founded COAST+RANGE in 2017 after my experience working for one of the five mega-corporations that dominate the $32B pet food industry. During my time at pet food mega-corp, I was troubled by one serious question: as consumers we are spending more than ever to feed our pets, so why is their health in serious decline with record-high rates of canine cancer, diabetes, and obesity?

To answer this question I assembled a team with over 75 years of pet industry experience: veterinarians, PhD's in animal nutrition, and specialists in holistic pet nutrition. We all believe one thing: we are feeding our dogs the wrong way and something needs to be done to change this. 

The good news? We CAN reverse the alarming canine health trends through better nutrition, and everything we do at COAST+RANGE is designed to help achieve this goal. From dog foods that are high in protein and low in carbs to technology that helps make sure you are feeding your dog the right food (and the right amount of food) every day, COAST+RANGE is committed to improving your dog's health and well-being.

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For the CARE + LOVE of dogs,

Dave Knoepfle
Founder and CEO
COAST+RANGE | Personalized Nutrition for Dogs