After decades of research we are excited to share a REVOLUTIONARY method for training your dog to use the toilet developed by Dr. Tuply Charmin, DVM, from the Faber College School of Veterinary Medicine. 

COAST+RANGE pet parents have been using this method to teach their dogs to use their household toilet! We want to spread the word, so you can too (just make sure you have enough TP on hand)!     

Here's how to start:   

1.) Familiarize your dog with the location of the toilet, toilet paper, and sink (to wash paws after).

2.) Thoroughly explain that the toilet water is for flushing - not for drinking! 3.) Demonstrate the proper technique by sitting on the toilet and giving your dog praise.

4.) Show your dog how to flush by keeping eye contact with them while using the handle and repeat 'FLUSH' clearly so they retain the command.

5.) Once your dog has seen where and how to use the toilet, simply allow them privacy to use the facilities!

6.) Be sure to apply the same method to teach your dog to wash their paws after using the restroom - hand + paw washing is essential!   

Important Note: For male dogs, be sure to explain the importance of putting the seat down when they are finished!   

If your dog does not yet understand how to use the toilet properly after following these steps, you may have been April Fool-ed!  


Unfortunately, we have not cracked the code on 'toilet' training our furry friends...but wouldn't that be great?!     

To celebrate this day of light-hearted fun (and to make up for getting your hopes up!) we are offering you $5 off at the COAST+RANGE merch store! No fooling! Use the code APRILFOOLS$5 at checkout to receive $5 off any COAST+RANGE gear.




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Apr 03, 2020 • Posted by Mike Meekins

I saw this early today, and saved it because it looked so unusual. Very funny ;)!! Stay safe!

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