Protein is important because it is the primary source of amino acids which are the “building blocks of life” that help build cells, skin tissue, and strong muscles. Dogs are unable to produce ten key amino acids, so it is critical to their long-term health that their food provides these essential elements. Sadly, most pet food companies use the lowest amount of quality animal protein possible and add less-digestible vegetable proteins and synthetic amino acids to compensate for the deficiency.

Even premium dog foods marketed as "high-protein" aren’t immune to this problem because there is no official standard for high-protein dog food. That means there can be tremendous variability from one “high protein” brand to anotheras much as 20% to 30%so it pays to read the label. In addition, the majority of “high-protein” dog foods use less digestible (and less expensive) vegetable proteins like potato protein or pea protein instead of quality animal protein, so be sure to read the label before you buy. At COAST+RANGE we believe a dog's diet should consist of at least 35% protein.


Animal protein is important because dogs are carnivores and can’t produce ten key amino acids that protein delivers. If your dog has an amino acid deficiency they will suffer from fatigue and poor digestion in the short-term. Long-term your dog could sustain more serious health problems including neurological disorders and even premature death.

Source: COAST+RANGE analysis of top selling “High Protein” dog foods on CHEWY.COM


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