New Nugget - Same Great Taste

When we started COAST+RANGE in 2017, we made a commitment to be a different (better) kind of pet nutrition company. Specifically, we vowed to be a company that listened to its customers and made changes when it was in their best interests. We have heard your feedback about the inconsistent kibble size, toasting, and moisture level in our gently-baked foods. As a result, I am excited to announce that we are making some improvements to your dog’s food effective immediately. Also, to ensure the highest quality of our Beef Formulas, we are replacing the Beef Meal with Turkey Meal. Everything else about your dog’s food (simple ingredients, low temperature baking process, great taste, and price) will stay the same. 

Piece size change - Large Breed:

Piece size change - Small Breed + Puppy:

Benefits of this change:

  • A more consistent piece size / better digestibility
  • More consistent browning / toasting of the food
  • The food will have a more consistent moisture level
  • There will be fewer crumbs in the bottom of the bag

You will see this new piece size in an upcoming shipment of COAST+RANGE and we are excited to hear what you and your dog think. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with comments or questions and thank you for being a part of the COAST+RANGE family! 

Dave Knoepfle

Founder + CEO | 866-696-1397

COAST+RANGE | Personalized Nutrition for Dogs


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