If you follow COAST+RANGE on social media you've likely seen pictures of our mascot, Dharma. We thought you might like to learn about how Dharma came into our lives.

Like too many pet parents these days, we lost our first rescue, Robbie, to cancer (sadly 1 in 1.65 dogs will get cancer). After the pain of losing Robbie faded, we set about looking for a new dog to rescue. A good friend (and COAST+RANGE advisor), Jamie, tipped us off to a litter of black lab puppies that were up for adoption. So one Sunday in 2007 we loaded up our then four-year-old twins into the Subaru wagon and headed off to find a new dog for our family.

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Now if you've ever seen four-year-olds around puppies it won't take long before you realize that you are DEFINITELY coming home with a puppy (parents beware)! But the whole time I couldn't take my eyes off the mom. She was so sweet, and such a good mother, I wondered what was going to happen to her? Her name was Dharma and she had been found in the parking lot of a McDonald's restaurant by a friend of Jamie's. Dharma was in bad shape (who knows how long she had been a stray), so the friend brought her home and nursed her back to health with the help of a veterinarian.

Like all responsible pet parents, she scheduled to have Dharma spayed, and when they arrived for the procedure she was told it couldn't be performed - Dharma was PREGNANT! And that is how we came to meet Dharma and her litter of puppies. It was very clear that the puppies would have no problem getting adopted (several were already spoken for by the time we arrived). But for the mother, Dharma, it was less clear. The friend already had several dogs and couldn't afford to keep another. So after some high powered negotiations with the twins on the merits of adopting the mom (the promise of ice cream can do wonders in negotiations with four-year-olds), it was settled - Dharma Dog was coming home with us!

Ten years later Dharma is still the perfect mother. Keeping watch over my children as they've grown from toddlers to teenagers. Always there to support the family no matter how good or bad someone's day has been. And MORE than happy to help clean up when popcorn or goldfish crackers fall on the floor.

For the CARE + LOVE of dogs,

Dave Knoepfle
Founder and CEO,


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