We love hearing success stories from pet parents who have been struggling to help their dog with conditions like itchy/dry skin, skin allergies, dull coats, tear stains, yeast flare-ups, and even more serious medical conditions, and have found COAST+RANGE to be the simple, natural nutrition their dog's need to overcome these symptoms! 
Max is a 10-month old French Bulldog puppy from Austin, TX. When Max and his mom, Christine, first found COAST+RANGE foods, Max had crystals in his urine and dry flaky skin. At such a young age, Max's parents wanted to find a food that could help relieve some of his allergy symptoms while providing the optimal nutrition he needs as a growing boy!
Soon after transitioning to the Duck Puppy Formula, Christine noticed a huge improvement in Max's skin conditions and energy levels! As you can see above, Max's thinning hair, redness, and flaky skin has disappeared!
At first, Christine was concerned about feeding Max a no-added grains diet, but after discussing with our team and hearing about the latest research on the correlations of grain-free diets (or lack there-of) to canine heart disease, she felt more comfortable feeding this formula with natural choline, potassium and carnitine as well as the high levels of natural taurine included (as well as some rice added to Max's bowl for good measure). Max went from having regular diarrhea on his old food to perfect poops on COAST+RANGE! Now Max is thriving on COAST+RANGE and his sister, Margo, joined the COAST+RANGE family too!  

"We are still relatively early days to the transition to the duck and we are seeing real improvement. His skin is clearing up and I am cautiously optimistic on his hair growing back. This poor guy has been on 7 foods in his short 8 months of life and this one seems to be finally working. He has gone from lethargic to much more energetic and he seems to be less itchy, so thank you! I also very much appreciate the amazing customer service. This has been a rough road and COAST+RANGE has been great." 

August 10, 2020 - CHRISTINE B. / AUSTIN, TX.



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When talking to pet parents about our gently-baked, simply made foods, we often are asked “What makes COAST+RANGE different from other dog food brands?”. We LOVE this question, and here’s why...
We use simple ingredients from land + water (hence our moniker, COAST+RANGE) that are sourced from reputable farms and ranches and never source any ingredients from China. We test our foods regularly not only to make sure each formula is complete + balanced nutritionally, but also to ensure our foods are not contaminated with toxins, heavy metals, and other pollutants that should never be in your dog’s food. 
COAST+RANGE foods provide a complete + balanced nutrient profile in accordance with AAFCO guidelines and state regulations from 100% natural, high-quality ingredients! Unlike most pet food brands, our foods don't contain any synthetic vitamins, minerals, or amino acids and no artificial colors or artificial flavors. It’s clear that feeding a food with natural nutrients is the most biologically appropriate way to nourish dogs, especially when compared to the long lists of synthetic lab-made nutrients included in almost every other dog food brand… so why don’t more dog food companies choose to derive nutrients in their foods naturally? 
Because it’s hard! It takes more time, effort, and money to make a dog food that doesn’t use synthetic nutrients, especially when extruded dog foods are cooked at ultra-high temperatures that often kill off any nutrients left in the ingredients used. Even refrigerated dog food brands have to supplement their foods with synthetic nutrients because the nutrients depend heavily on the quality of the ingredients used in the food. Lower quality proteins and other ingredients are certainly easier and cheaper to source, but render a lower nutritional value as the trade-off!
COAST+RANGE makes it easy for pet parents to rotate their dogs diets. Like humans, dogs are not intended to eat the same things all of their lives, but it can be hard for pet parents to provide variety in their dogs diets so most dogs do not. Feeding the same food without variation can lead to imbalances due to over-exposure to those ingredients (and/or synthetic nutrients). These imbalances can symptomize in the form of itching, scratching, ear infections, yeast infections, hotspots, flaky skin, and other uncomfortable side effects. Rotating foods will nourish your dog with a diverse nutrient profile, not to mention will make mealtime much more excited for your pup!
Our COAST+RANGE Nutrition Experts (PhD's, Veterinarians, Holistic Nutritionists) have over 100 years of canine nutrition experience. Answer a few of their simple questions to find the right COAST+RANGE formulas for their unique set of needs. 
TRY A SAMPLEanswer a few simple questions and see how personalized nutrition can help your dog. 5oz samples (about one meal) are just $3 each and ship anywhere in the US (except AK and HI) for FREE! Each sample carton contains a high-value coupon good on your first subscription order. 


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