When disaster strikes, it can be crucial to be ready to leave quickly and without hesitation. If it's not safe for you to be home, it's not safe for your pets! We want every pet parent to be prepared for emergencies like natural disasters, family emergencies, and other emergencies that can prompt the need for fast evacuation.
Here are some tips to keep in mind when preparing your four-legged family members for emergencies: 
✔️ Include your dogs when practicing your evacuation plan. 
Practicing for a quick evacuation can help make your departure smoother, faster, and safer! The American Red Cross recommends practicing evacuations with all household members by periodically conducting evacuation drills. Practice gathering all essential items (like your COAST+RANGE Canine Emergency Kit) with your family, load your vehicle, and depart on the safest route from your home. Including your dog in these practices can help familiarize them with the 'hustle and bustle' of leaving quickly to help avoid your dog becoming anxious and overwhelmed!
✔️ Plan an alternative location for your dog to stay if home is not an option. 
Many emergency shelters, hospitals, and hotels do not allow dogs, even during emergencies! Be sure to have a plan for your dog if home is no longer a safe place by preparing a list of phone numbers and addresses of veterinarians, friends, family members, boarding facilities, etc. that can potentially care for your dog if you must separate! 
✔️ Have your dog's emergency kit ready to go at all times!
Prepare an emergency kit for your dog that's easy to 'grab and go' and includes everything your pup will need when staying away from home. Your kit should be easy to carry and include your dog's essentials like food, water, medications, leashes, blankets, first aid, medical information, contact information, etc. 
If you don't already have an emergency kit ready to go for your dog, we have created a grab-and-go emergency kit to get you and your dog started! 
You never know when you'll need to leave in a hurry! A COAST+RANGE Canine Emergency Kit includes many of the basic utilities you will need when preparing your dog for emergencies like evacuations, natural disasters, family emergencies, etc. conveniently packed and ready to go! 
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- Duffel Bag with Front Pocket + Zipper Closure (10-1/2" x 18" x 9")
- Pet Records Binder with Information Sheets
- Canine First Aid Kit (14 pieces)
- 4' Slip Lead Leash
- Fleece Blanket (50" x 60")
- Compostable Poop Bags (2x Roll of 15)
- Lightweight + Collapsable Water/Food Bowl (12oz capacity)
- Emergency Drinking Water (2 x 4.2 oz pouch)
- 4lb Bag of COAST+RANGE Dog Food - you pick the formula!

Note: Colors of included items may vary from time to time.  

When you order the COAST+RANGE Canine Emergency Kit, you will already have most of what you need to prepare for your dog if anything were to happen, but there are a few items we recommend adding to make sure you've covered all your pups basics!
- Extra collar with identification
- Any medication your dog takes
- Muzzle or harness (if your dog gets extra anxious) 
- Tick remover / dog-safe insect repellant 
- Booties (in case your dog has to walk distances in unfavorable weather!)
- Reflective gear
- Comfort Item (like an old chew toy that has your dog's/homes scent)
- Your dog's favorite treats
Order a COAST+RANGE Canine Emergency Kit today to get started! Have any questions? Email us at, live chat with us on our website, or call at 866-696-1397 to speak to a live representative available 24/7! 


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