From time to time the team at COAST+RANGE likes to visit our neighborhood chain pet food superstore (we notice fewer and fewer people buying food there - I wonder what could be going on 😉). On these visits we check the packaging looking for old or expired food - one of the dirty secrets of the pet industry is that it takes a REALLY long time for your dog’s food to get to your dog’s bowl. A typical bag of dog food will go from the extrusion plant —> to the manufacturer’s distribution center —> to the retailer’s warehouse —> to the back of the pet food superstore —> to the store shelf. Our periodic audits reveal that dog food on average is 6-8 months old and that about 5-10% of the food is actually expired. 

During this time dog food experiences a number of negative changes:
1. The synthetic vitamins (used in just about every bag of dog food) age and lose their nutritional value
2. The fats and proteins in the foods can go rancid
3. The bag is exposed to fluctuations of temperature and exposure to light which further degrades it’s nutritional value
4. Bug infestations can occur (bugs love all the cheap fillers that pet food companies put in dog food)
But we were shocked yesterday when the very FIRST bag of food we looked at expired in November 2018 over fourteen months ago! Both the retailer and manufacturer have a responsibility to ensure that only safe and nutritious food is sold in their stores - but clearly this is not the case. Another sad example of the pet industry being interested in profit and not the health and well being of our canine companions.
At COAST+RANGE we are a different kind of dog food company. We bake in smaller batches and ship our foods directly from the bakery to one of our three food-safe warehouses and then directly to your home. On average our foods go from bakery to bowl in about 6-8 weeks and we 100% guarantee you will NEVER see a bag of expired food. 
If you are ready to try fresher and healthier food try a $1 sample that ships anywhere in the US (except AK and HI) for a flat $3 today!
Dave Knoepfle | Founder + CEO
COAST+RANGE | Personalized Nutrition for Dogs

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Jan 29, 2020 • Posted by Dave Knoepfle

This is VERY scary and a good reminder for all pet parents! Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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